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The history of Godin

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All versions and models in the range of stoves and cookers of Godin is produced with the most advanced techniques, based on different sources of energy.

The dynamics of GODIN stay intact by new machines and innovative methods of production such as the automation of production and robotisation of the montage and the processing of plates.

During the period of anticipating after 1989, characterization for GODIN, there was also a double ecological process of renewal. Double, because partly this betrof the stoves and cookers and partly this was aimed to produce less waste during the productionprocess in the factory. The result was over 95% less waste.

The export is developing continuously:

is distributing worldwide.

With a capacity of more than 75 tons of cast iron a day, GODIN is the market leader in France in the production of heaters, stoves and cookers on wood/cargoal.

, is also an important business in forge, the process of plates and the enamellation.

Woodfire: "Le Jurassien"

Oilfire: "Petit Godin"

Gazfire: "Chauffette"

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